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Welcome to La Dinette! We've been busy evolving and reinventing ourselves lately, and you can now shop a plethora of treasures in our one stop shop!

GOODS : We've done all the hard work and have curated all the best greeting cards, prints, gift wrap, and wonderful artistic oddities - the perfect pit stop for all your gift giving needs!  

GROCERIES : We carry a wonderful selection of coffees (Campbell & Syme), teas (Tiosk, Good & Proper), and chocolate (Ocelot, Tony's, Menier), as well as delicious continental goods from Spain (Brindisa), Italy (Seggiano, Mulino Bianco), France (Dijon Mustard), and the Middle East (Belazu), so whether you're rustling up a quick midweek meal, or entertaining loved ones, we've got you covered.

ChaChaCha : In the midst of the pandemic we were lucky enough to partner with local heroes Ruth and Megan from ChaChaCha. Almost overnight they were able to curate a beautiful and functional collection and bring a new dynamic to our little shop.

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